Vertical Apostolic Covering

 V.A.C. is a spiritual covering and ministry of accountability for the men and women of God and churches that sense a divine covenant connection with Apostle Maurice K. Wright. Maurice serves as the Visionary and Apostle of this much needed Fellowship. Through V.A.C., we will strive to build covenant relationships with other men and women of God and the churches they have the oversight as a "spiritual father", establishing the "Father and Son" biblical order and pattern of God. God's power and blessing flow through covenant relationship and order - not religion or a form of godliness that denies God's power.
       V.A.C. and Apostle Maurice will not only hold his sons and daughters in the Lord accountable, but he will also assist them in licensing of ministers, ordaining of elders, planting of ministries and churches, and any other of the ecumenical duties or responsibilities of the New Testament Messianic Church or Community. He understands that "we can do more together than we can alone."
       V.A.C. mission is to build a loving, strong and united family and fellowship that welcomes and encourages differences and diversity but share in the ministry as one; and that also recognizes and accepts each family member's calling, gifting, uniqueness, individuality, role, anointing and grace given to them by Jesus Christ (Eph. 4:7-11). We will boldly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world and extend the borders, sphere and influence of the Kingdom of God here on earth. It is a fellowship where each member will voluntarily and willingly agree to walk together in humility, submission, harmony, and with respect and honor for one another. We will build true transparent relationships and friendships with one another and our churches that we oversee that will be without hypocrisy, manipulation, or a hidden agenda. We will connect in covenant in spirit and in truth.
       We will intentionally develop, cultivate and maintain apostolic teamwork, communication and covenant networking through a vehicle called "The Eternal Flame of Covenant Networking and Partnership." This vehicle is a Pastoral Covenant Relationship where we will be "Pastors serving Pastors serving People serving God and His Kingdom as His servants!"

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Building An Effective Team Ministry & Family