NorthEast Alabama College of Theologoy

Northeast Alabama College of Theology is a satellite school of North Carolina College of Theology in Wilmington, NC and Dr. J. L. Cook, President. It is a college that allows those who desire to increase in their personal knowledge of God's Word and in Christian Education to attend a school where they can receive a Degree upon completion of the required course.  Associate, Bachelor, Masters I & II, and Doctoral Degree courses are offered and can be received upon graduation. Dr. Maurice K. Wright, Ph.T is the President.
        The curriculum philosophy of N.E.A.C.O.T. programs are designed to be practical as well as academic, equipping the body of Christ by offering Bible-based programs that increase the student's knowledge of biblical truths and God's Word, by providing quality educational opportunities at a cost within the reach of the average person, by creating individual programs of study designed to meet the needs of the individual minister and layperson. N.E.A.C.O.T. is designed to prepare the "called" student for full-time ministry and lay people for leadership within the local church and abroad. The school year begins from September to May of the following year. Come and go to Bible College with us!
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