Our Mission

Our mission is to preach and present the gospel in such a way that will make ready a people to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We want to turn non-believers into believers and converts, believing converts into disciples, and to develop the disciples into mature and discipline ministers who are able to do their work of ministry, and then train others to go into the world - their daily world - and win others to Christ and the Kingdom.

Our Vision

The Vision of the United Christian Church is ​​"To BUILD an effective team ministry and family, as we become a house of friends: that will BUILD UP the people of God and MOBILIZE them to make maximum IMPACT; to have maximum INFLUENCE; and to reveal the maximum IMAGE of Christ on earth as His Ambassadors or Representatives." THUS THE VISION!!!
       We are striving to be a close knit covenant family of God that has learned how to do ministry together as a team and house of friends; a mature people of the Lord who have been made ready to do their share and supply their part in building up the people of God and one another until we all are making the greatest quality of contribution and quantity of service. We desire to see each member of the family pulling their load and carrying their weight as we are all forcefully driven and led by the Holy Spirit advancing the Kingdom of God on earth; and be leaders in every aspect and area of our lives that have the power and lifestyle to affect change and growth in others, as we mirror the very character, nature and likeness of Christ to a dying and godless world: re-presenting Him to mankind as the Savior of the world and Lord of all - as His REPRESENTATIVES.
        In the Vision we also want to bring men out of darkness (ignorance) through the knowledge of the truth, and raise up a mighty army in the Lord that are well-prepared, well-able, and well-trained to be dominion takers, Kingdom citizens and ambassadors on earth who demonstrate the Kingdom of God not only in word but in power too. We desire to develop and release skill-laborers and servants of the Lord who serve and lead by the integrity of their hearts and the skill of theirs hands being full of the Spirit of wisdom.

United Christian Church

 2818 Sansom Ave          Gadsden, Alabama


Building An Effective Team Ministry & Family