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  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​      Welcome to the UNITED CHRISTIAN CHURCH, AN INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY! UCC is a local New Testament Messianic Community of believers in Jesus Christ [Yeshua].  We are a congregation where we are “Building an effective team ministry and family as we become a house of friends.” We are a Christ-centered, God-fearing, Spirit-led, Bible-based, and Community-oriented House of God where the Gospel of the Kingdom is preached, sound doctrine is taught, life changing Kingdom principles are revealed, and the power and presence of the LORD is so tangible and real.

          UCC is an “Apostolic Center” with an apostolic assignment, grace and commission upon her. We have been an agent of God for change, shifting and expansion of the Kingdom of God on earth. The Lord Jesus Christ Himself has been working with us as we go forth, confirming His Word with corroborating signs, wonders, and miracles in His name. UCC is an oasis in the desert for the thirsty; and house of breakthrough for the bound; a place of discipleship for the hungry; and a church where powerful and impactful praise and worship is encountered and experience in the awesome presence of the Lord. The powerful flow of the River of God flows mightily within our midst and sanctuary.

          Again, welcome to our webpage! May you be blessed, enlighten, and inspired as you view the provided information about UCC for your knowledge and insight! WE ARE “CHANGING A GENERATION” FOR THE SAKE OF THE KINGDOM.

Apostle Maurice & Lady Brenda Wright

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Building An Effective Team Ministry & Family