In June 1991, under the divine guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit and in accordance with the divine providence of God, Maurice organized, incorporated, and began the "Praise and Worship Center" - UNITED CHRISTIAN CHURCH,  AN INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY AND CORPORATION.  At UCC we are striving by the grace and the Spirit of God to "Build An Effective Team Ministry and Family As We Become A House of Friends."  UCC is an oasis in the desert, a place of breakthrough, and a house of intimate worship where the presence of God can be tangibly sensed, the love of Christ felt, and the power of the Holy Spirit fills the atmosphere. You will find the worship experience at UCC to be one that has structure and order as well as touch of class, yet there is liberty in the Holy Spirit. The river of God flows mightily in this place, as you will experience God's season of refreshing in your life. You will leave with ignited passion, a better understanding, and knowing that you experience God.
       United Christian Church is a house of worship where the Word of God is preached with an anointing, authority, and power; and with such clarity and understanding that the simple can understand.  Apostle Wright and the spiritual leaders of UCC speak a clear word of prophecy and always instruct the people of God in a more perfect way from the Scriptures. Apostle's message can be defined as "simplicity with powerful truth but full of compassion." It moves and provokes the hearer to making a decision, to faith, to action, and to believing the impossible is possible. UCC is a Training Center that seeks to train and equip the saints to do their work of ministry with a spirit of excellence, and then allow them to do it. It is just something you have to experience for yourself.
       UCC is a church or New Testament Messianic Community with an Apostolic calling, anointing and assignment that is committed to "making disciples" out of those who believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God; and to exhorting and building up the disciples for Christ from the Word of God until they come to maturity and find their place in the body of Christ, and then function in that place as the Kingdom of God.

United Christian Church

 2818 Sansom Ave          Gadsden, Alabama


Building An Effective Team Ministry & Family